BlueSky Carpets

Sitting Area

What makes BlueSky Carpets unique? Aside from the fact that it is made made in the USA. BlueSky Carpets have stain resistant properties built in to the fiber. The durability is also superior to most carpets available today. These properties will not wash off or wear off. We pride ourselves on giving you the best carpet possible in your price range. We are only available to select retailers that we personally select and thus you will not find us everywhere, like some products. We select the best retailers in a given area and allow only these retailers to service the customers.

What is the Wear Resistance? When comparing different carpet fibers we have found that our special Polymers allow for wear resistance that is superior to a similarly constructed nylon. All of our carpets are designed to be the best carpet produced based on the grade of the carpet.


What is the Stain Resistance? BlueSky Carpeting is very stain resistant to most common stains such as food, oil, dirt, grease, etc.  Some types of stains can so damage to the backing but not the surface fibers, such as urine, paint thinners and items such as these. These would normally not do damage to the carpet, but in a larger quantity or if allowed to sit for an extended period of time it could break down the latex in the backing.


What environmental benefits do I get with BlueSky Carpets? Our carpets reduce the amount oil used in the production up to 50% less than other methods. The dye process allows the color to be injected when it is a liquid and thus it uses less water in the production of the carpet as well. The indoor air quality VOC emissions are extremely low and within 12 to 72 hours they are dissipated.  BlueSky loves the environment and works hard to make your home environment good for you, your children and pets.

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