Installed correctly and following proper care and maintenance (as outlined here), your carpet will stay looking newer and beautiful longer. Some carpets are warranted against staining, pet stains, fading, soiling, abrasion, manufacturer defects and loss of texture retention. See the warranty specifications that apply to your particular carpet on this web page. BlueSky Carpet has some of the best warranties in the industry, including:

Premium Carpets
Lifetime Stain Warranty
Lifetime Pet Stain Warranty
Lifetime Fade Warranty
25-Year Soil Resistance Warranty
25-Year Texture Retention Warranty
25-Year Abrasive Wear Warranty
25-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty

Pure Plus Carpets
Lifetime Stain Warranty
Lifetime Fade Warranty
10-Year Soil Resistance Warranty
10-Year Texture Retention Warranty
10-Year Abrasive Wear Warranty
10-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty

Pure Value Line Carpets
10-Year Stain Warranty
5-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty
5-Year Fade Warranty
5-Year Abrasive Wear Warranty

Carpet Care Checklist and Warranty Requirements
Only install your carpet in appropriate areas of your home.

The customer is responsible for printing the warranty information off of the website after installation and to keep the original invoice for any future claims. Claims are processed through the authorized retailers only.

Have a padding with the thickness of 7/16 inch for optimum performance.

Have clean walk-off mats at all entrances to capture outside soil before it’s tracked in.

Have your carpet professionally cleaned using deep cleaning extraction every 6-12 months by a Seal of Approval professional to be in compliance with our warranties. This system effectively removes soils, residues, and water from the carpet and prolongs its life. Attend to accidents and spills immediately by blotting the spill with a damp, white absorbent towel. Have professionals remove stains caused by markers. • Only use Seal of Approval spot cleaners or visit www.carpet-rug.org.

Vacuum regularly with a Seal of Approval vacuum cleaner. Proper maintenance of your carpet means regular vacuuming using a Carpet and Rug Institute–Seal of Approval vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming actually prolongs the life of your carpet by removing abrasive soil particles in the carpet fibers. Standard vacuuming involves vacuuming the same location 3-5 times in one location changing the directions as you vacuum.

Warranty Process

First, be sure you visit the website for complete information on all warranty coverage.

If you are unhappy with your Blue Sky carpet and believe you have a warranty claim, contact your local retailer. You will need to provide your proof of purchase, a full description of your claim and receipt(s) for recommended professional cleaning by hot water extraction. Customers who have a claim that is accepted must sign a form/agreement before replacement is to occur within 15 days of receipt or the replacement process may need to be restarted.

Warranties are prorated: If your carpet does not perform to the warranty, we will offer credit for the remainder of the carpet material in accordance with the following schedule: Premium and Pure Plus, 10% less each year until you are at 10% and that will remain for the duration of the warranty; Value Line, 50% less for the six months and 10% additional each year until you are at 10% and that will remain for the duration of the warranty.

Nothing dulls the appearance of a new carpet faster than soiling from dirt tracked in from the outside or just everyday living. That is why we equip all our carpets with our own soil & stain shield treatment. Our treatment keeps dirt from clinging to the carpet fibers so it’s easier to vacuum. Even with the best soil resistance, carpet still has to be maintained. If dirt is allowed to build up it can cause the fibers to stick and cornrow. Cornrowing is caused by excessively soiled carpet and is not considered manufacturer defect and is not covered by any warranty.

We all enjoy a beautiful view and lots of natural light, but no one wants to worry about the possible damage and color fading that can be caused by prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight. Direct sunlight must be covered by a UV rated window, film or other basic protection to be covered by the fade warranties. Fading is considered a change of color from edge to edge of more than 25%.

Everything wears from use and carpet is no exception, but you certainly don’t want your new carpet to wear out before its time, and neither do we! That is why we warrant our carpet to stand up to normal wear and lose no more than 10% of pile fiber during its warranty period. Of course, abrasive wear has to be normal residential foot traffic, not abusive use and maintained according to the warranty specifications.

Texture Retention gives your new carpet the look and feel you want. We warrant your new carpet against significant twist loss from foot traffic for the warranty period in your residence. Of course, has to be normal residential foot traffic, not abusive use, stairs or hallways and maintained according to the warranty specifications.

Warranty Exclusions
These warranties specifically exclude any carpet that has been treated after installation with any foreign agents, non-residential installations, abnormal abuse, and carpet exposed to hot substances or other abusive conditions that deteriorate the appearance of the pile fibers. Specifically excluded from this warranty is cornrowing, crushing caused by furniture and damage caused by tears, pulls, burns, wheel traffic, excessive soil or athletic equipment. Also excluded is carpet installed in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, stairs, carpets in commercial facilities, outdoor areas and in other than owner-occupied residences. These warranties are not transferable and may be used only for one replacement. This warranty is voided if you fail to follow recommended carpet care and routine maintenance of the product.



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